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School Supplies

Dear Politician,

This letter is to inform you of how your actions affect the education system. Today, I’m writing about school supplies.

Because of budget cuts to education, I may or may not have school supplies next year. I’ll find out when I get there. Very frustrating! I’m not exaggerating when I say this. A teacher down the hall ran out of printer ink last year and the administration couldn’t afford a new cartridge (a $100 value). Very difficult to work without a printer! For 4 months!!

Now it’s important that you know I’m not complaining… I’m hopeful my principal will be able to provide this for me this year. If he doesn’t, I’ll make do. I haven’t bought a pen or a pencil in 10 years – I just pick them up off the floor.

The thing that frustrates me most is that we have been told by our administration that we are required to provide pencils and paper to our students now. So basically, if the parent doesn’t supply pencil and paper, then the school has to. If the school doesn’t supply it for me, as in the paragraph above, I have to personally provide it for the student. This is not right. Parents should be more accountable for providing school supplies for their children.

There are some supplies I personally have to provide because they are not available from the supply center. These include tissues (we use toilet paper, but sometimes the custodians lock that up), white out, highlighters, scissors, and magnets. These were taken off the supply list because of budget cuts. I used to be able to give extra credit for bringing in Kleenex, but the admin put a stop to that this year with the new standards-based assessment requirements.

So, once again, not complaining, just wanted to let you know how your actions affect the education system. Also, to encourage you to once again to consider holding parents more accountable for their child’s education. If parents cared enough to provide pencils, paper, and backpacks for their children, then that would help alleviate the issue, although it wouldn’t help with everything.

What other profession requires its workers to provide their own office supplies? Just curious.


The Teacher Letter


About teacherletter

A teacher who is writing letters to politicians to let them know how their decisions are affecting education.


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