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The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Dear Politician,

I am writing to inform you of the importance of breakfast as it relates to learning in the public education classroom. I strongly believe that if you are going to hold teachers accountable for student test scores, you should also hold parents accountable for sending their student to school with  breakfast.

Today, as I was teaching, one of my more rambunctious students started feeling dizzy, headache, and couldn’t walk straight. At first, I thought he might have had a concussion – they were playing pretty hard during their sport time. Turns out it was just a lack of breakfast. Lost instruction time: 1/2 hour. We gave him a banana and some water, but he was pretty shook up by the whole ordeal. Times this by every day, and by every student that comes to school with an empty stomach, and you have a significant number of lost instruction time.

You might think this is silly, but it’s actually really important. Is it the governments responsibility to make sure every student gets a breakfast? That’s not my platform here – I try to remain neutral. However, with all the accountability being held on teachers, I think there needs to be some education to the public and politicians about the need for accountability for parents as well. Perhaps you could do a public relations campaign to encourage parents to make time in the morning for breakfast. As long as the parents care, their child will do fine.

This is just a small story regarding a lack of breakfast. Many more significant stories to come… that actually affect test scores.

Thanks for reading.

~The Teacher Letter


About teacherletter

A teacher who is writing letters to politicians to let them know how their decisions are affecting education.


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