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Dear Obama, why 1B to master teachers is not the best idea for promoting STEM

Dear Mr. Obama,

I recently read on Yahoo news that you proposed 1 billion to go toward developing math and science master teachers in an effort to increase the workforce to match the 35% increase in demand for math, science, and engineering graduates.

You might consider giving out different tiers of loans to college students. Students who major in math, science, and engineering should be able to access loans to pay for college. Students majoring in music, art, drama, and other low-paying jobs should receive little to no loans, unless it is in the education degree for that subject, or paired with a business or math/science degree. In other words, if you want more science, math, and technology graduates, mold it with the loan program from the federal government. Make the loans comparable to the pay level of the degree. Too many students are coming out with loans over their heads and not having the skills or the demand for their job to pay for them.

This is the real issue!

Also, you might consider early intervention programs (like Head Start) that teach the love of math, science, and learning. The problem starts before the kids come to school.

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